Photography & video by Jeremy Jeziorski

Watkins Glen State Park

Not sure how I've never gone on a hike through the Gorge here, since I've been all over western NY & PA... And yet, this was the first time I can remember.

Good timing too, the trails will likely be closed soon for the winter. It was a super cloudy day - but with it being Halloween week, the dark tones and shadows were kinda fun to mosey through and photograph. It's a unique feeling to be surrounded by so much wet stone, sometimes hundreds of feet above and below you - while still being safely on the ground, and open to the sky.

I do love a good Gorge.

Stitched panorama in the Gorge (click to enlarge):

One of my favorite spots: bridge, three little drops and a waterfall-in-the-making:

Tighter view, runner for scale:

Peeking through a rock tunnel at the Central Cascade:

And a little touch of color in the woods at the top end of the Gorge Trail:

More tk.