Photography & video by Jeremy Jeziorski

Terrible Tilly

The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, or "Terrible Tilly." Just over a mile off the coast near Ecola State Park.

One of the original crews became stranded on the rocks for two weeks while waiting for supplies during a massive Pacific northwest storm. Numerous people were killed during the construction and maintenance through the decades of operation:

In 1881, right before the lighthouse was completed, the vessel Lupatia wrecked at the base of Tillamook Head despite the lighthouse staff’s best efforts to signal the ship with lanterns and a bonfire. All 16 crew members perished. The only survivor was the Lupatia’s dog that howled mournfully from the coastline.
— Seaside, Oregon website:

Lighthouse keepers had a unique 42-days-on, 21-days off rotation due to the physical and psychological stress of living and working in such a turbulent location.

After being decommissioned, the building served as a columbarium for 19 years, but stopped accepting new urns in 1999.

So naturally, the place simply HAS to be super-haunted. I mean, just LOOK AT IT:

These days Tilly's home to a whole lot of sea lions, seagulls, and if you look closely, one badass bald eagle. At least, there was one holding down the remnants of the lens room like a boss last Saturday. Seriously - can you spot him in my video above? In a few shots, the seagulls gang up on him in a mid-air attack!

Fucking crazy.

Have a wonderful week.

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