Photography & video by Jeremy Jeziorski

Burning Man 2012 - Part I



How I Stopped Worrying & Learned to Love the Dust

In re-posting my photos from Burning Man 2012, I figured I'd finally get all of those I wanted to share up. This will be a four part posting this week, since there are quite a few. Some may be NSFW, and there will indeed be profanity.

Let's get started, shall we?

Equal parts social experiment, art festival and quite possibly the world's largest party - Burning Man 2012 was my first experience out on the Playa. Surviving for a week in ancient dry lake bed, now a giant alkali flat. A temporary city (for realz - several radio stations, a daily newspaper, this isn't a small affair) of roughly 60,000 people that rises out of nothing to pulse, nonstop, for one week, and then disappear as though it never existed.

Life in the default world will never be the same.

I met so many wonderful people, saw so many amazing things (in scale, creativity, generosity, inventiveness and sheer emotional outpouring) that I honestly have a hard time describing it.

These photos help portray a very small fraction of what it at least looks like to be there. But the regulars aren't kidding when they simply say - you've got to go there to understand.

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In chronological order: