Photography by Jeremy Jeziorski

Mobile Roundup

Thought I'd start a new thing here on the blog (new to me, tons of other folks are already on the bandwagon)... And that's posting a weekly-ish roundup of photos I've made with my phone.

We photographers love to grumble and groan about cell phone photography - but the truth is, both the technology and the users are getting better at it each year.

I recently upgraded my smart phone to the newest, shiniest model out there... And even though the images captured aren't technically the best (pixel-peeping reveals all sorts of shortcomings if you're really critical)... There's just something about the phone that makes me really dig making photos with it.

I've actually caught myself thinking, "Nah, I'll leave the SLRs / Fuji at home, I've got my phone if I need it," more than a few times lately. I had a crazy high-end smart phone before this too - but I NEVER thought those words.

Anyway - these are all a sampling of images shot and processed entirely on my smart phone (the Samsung Galaxy S5 if you must know) over the past week.

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