Photography & video by Jeremy Jeziorski

Back at Home Base

Emily and I just returned from Haiti a little under 24 hours ago, and I'm still recuperating from what was literally the most grueling and awesome week of work and exploration I've had in a long time.

Every muscle and bone aches right now. I didn't know that each separate finger and toe muscle could be sore. But that's what I get for not being active enough on a daily basis (time to get back on the exercise wagon).


I'll be splitting up tidbits of the story into multiple blog posts, because I really got the chance to capture more of my experience than I did when I was there last year, and in more detail.

Plus, we just had so many wonderful encounters while we were there - I'm not sure I want to rush it and miss sharing any of the best parts.

There will be at least several videos coming - so keep an eye out for those too.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to getting us there. The six of us worked ourselves half to death and managed to see a house from the material gathering stage all the way to mostly-plastered walls. All that remained was for the team that joined us to put the roof on, and that was only a day or two out when we left.

So, to all who contributed, pat yourselves on the back. That little girl above, Valencia, along with her siblings and a handful of relatives, will now get to live in something with weatherproof and earthquake-proof walls, rather than the plastic lined temp shelters their whole family has been living in for four years.

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